Welcome to Extreme Life Ministries - A Pastor's and Minister's Retreat for Refreshment, Empowerment and Healing
The Extreme Life is a retreat and refuge to where you can connect with God, Receive Healing and Empowerment in a confident - safe spiritual environment!

We have a place of refreshing, empowerment and healing for Pastors and Ministers . When pastor's and ministers are hurting, where do they go? They take on the hurts and traumas of their congregation and even their own family members while many are hurting themselves. Maybe they just need a break.  Does your pastor need a break from the day-to-day pressures of full-time ministry? We have Extreme Life, 2300 acres  for Pastors to come reflect and  Camp Extreme,  to hunt deer, turkey and hogs, 40 miles of road to ride and talk and a shooting range that consist of rifle targets up to 1300 yards, bow tower and automatic skeet thrower. Pastors can come alone, bring a friend, family or another pastor.